QotD: Middle Name

What’s your middle name?  Is there a story or history behind it?

Urk.  To most people and the legal system, I’m “Caroline E. Moore” or better yet, just “Caroline Moore.”  Leave out the middle name entirely, if you please.

My middle name is actually Eleanor.  Nah, I’m not too fond of it.  I was named after my grandmother on my father’s side, one of many extended family members with whom I don’t have a particularly involved or caring relationship.  The woman basically has no respect for anyone who isn’t perfect, and hey, that’s so not me!  Too bad.

I’ve actually considered having my middle name legally changed to Elizabeth, which happens to be both my mother’s name and her mother’s name.  I have very positive relationships with them, and I figure if I have to be named after a relative, it should at least be a relative I like.

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