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The holiday weekend was pretty uneventful in my little corner of the world.  The S.O. worked overtime all weekend, the unfortunate consequence of being employed by a university retail store at the start of the fall semester.  So I stayed at home and tried to keep busy by cleaning, leveling my warlock, shaving my legs (because I know you all wanted the intimate details of my shower-time endeavors), and watching season 3 of Nip/Tuck on DVD.  Oh, Julian McMahon, you’re cute, but it’s so hard to have a crush on you when you have the same name as my younger brother.

So, school’s in!  I’m currently registered for two classes, one of which I’m 85% sure I’m going to drop.  I glanced at the syllabus and the reading materials and wasn’t intrigued, but that’s what I get for registering for a class based solely on the title.  Pop!Tech sounded interesting at first, but from what I’ve read so far the course will be neither Pop-y nor Tech-y, and gratuitous use of the exclamation point annoys me.

I’ve come to the conclusion, post-graduation, that New Media was not the right major for me… so why would I willingly subject myself to more New Media courses?  Old habits die hard.  I really wanted to give my brain a (light, fun) work-out this semester, but I don’t know if this class is the way to get back into the academic groove, or if participating will just lead to frustration on my part.  I’ll give it a week or two.

On the other hand, I think my sit-down class will be fun, primarily because the only reading I’ll have to do involves sheet music.  It’s been years since I’ve sung in a formal chorus.  Hopefully my voice isn’t too rusty!

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