the sweet smell of frivolity

Today I made my first “I don’t really need this but I don’t care because I have money now ha ha” purchase:  A Targus Urban Messenger notebook case.  Blame the significant other.  He actually bought one for himself first, and as soon as I saw it, I got a case of the meme’s.

How could I resist?  It has pockets for everything!  Cellphone (not that I actually have one, but it’s nice to know that if I did, it would have a home), CD’s, pencils and pens, books, cables… oh, and my computer, too!  It’s got a hunter orange pocket so I will never accidentally mistake my laptop for a deer (a common problem in the Cheney family, I’m sure)!  It has little orange grippy feet on the bottom, an ergonomic handle, optional shoulder strap, and a magnetic pocket on the front with a port for my iPod’s headphones. It’s scratch-resistant, weather-resistant, and don’t-buy-me-resistant.

I obviously didn’t stand a chance.

Besides, I’m going back to school next semester, and I haven’t had a new backpack since I was in high school.  And, uh, so what if my only class is web-based?  Details, details!

Thankfully, the bag was also half price, thanks to the S.O.’s employee discount.  Now to see if the workplace will write it off as a business expense… muwahahaha.

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