oh dearie, i think i’m a blogger now.

A first post.  What do I say?

I’m attracted to Vox because it reminds me of my iMac… bubbly, all  bright colors and point-and-click good-ness. Vox is kind of like coming home.  Ahhhhhhh.

In contrast, my life as of recent doesn’t feel bubbly.  The photo to the right is more reflective of my state of mind at this time, I suppose.  Things are downright dreary, for a number of reasons, most of which being a sudden inability to cope with life, and all its many conundrums.

But how can I write about that here, in this cheery kindergarten-colored blogosphere?  Where I’m greeted in bold, smiling letters: Hi Caroline!  Where I’m encouraged to “write and share”, where I’m asked, “have you connected to anyone lately?”  How could I bring my problems here, to happy-land?

So, I’m afraid this blog, as it were, will not amount to much more than fluff.  Fluff might be a welcome change, at this point.


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