Ungrateful kids

Ellie, commenting on my ahem swift enjoyment of a Mickey bar: “Wow, Mama, you’re almost done already?!?”

Gwen, without missing a beat and with no trace of irony: “It’s her big mouth.”


tales of a creepy doll carriage

91k0heExW0LI have a photo on another French book cover! This time a reprint of Un soupçon légitime by Stefan Zweig.

I took this photo in 2003 with a Pentax K1000 camera and slide film, then had the film cross-processed–probably at my local Target, since they never knew what to charge for processing film without prints, so they’d just do it for free!

This old-school doll carriage was my mother’s as a little girl, and it featured in a number of other photo shoots over the years. Now it sits in my office and occasionally amuses my kids when I let them play with it.




One of my “non-resolution resolutions” this year is to take more baths. We have a beautiful old tub but I never take advantage of it, and that needs to change! I bought a handful of LUSH bath bombs to encourage me, and tried the first one today. So pretty!