The X-Files, Season 10, Episode 5

I had the, uh, “privilege” of seeing this episode last nightย due to what may have been a mistakeย on Hulu’s part, and I’m glad I caught it when I did. I think I’d have been disappointed if I’d spent the weekend looking forward toย Babylon.

Tim and I had just finished watching Spectre (apparently it was my night for disappointing media!) and I’d happened to check Twitter before bed. Lo and behold, Babylon was said to be on Hulu, so of course Iย signed up for a free trial and we took my laptop to bed to watch the whole thing.

Here be spoilers:

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Home Again

Was there a monster in that episode?
The real monster was whatever force was preventing Mulder and Scully from having angsty comfort sex in a Pennsylvania motel room. Now thatโ€™s a paranormal phenomena worth investigating.