Writing Challenge, Day ???

I counted the docs in my Scrivener project, and yay! I made it past day 30. Total word count across 32 days: 20,704. Definitely not NaNoWriMo-level stuff, but better than nothing.

If this exercise has taught me anything, it’s that I have more ideas in me than I think. Of course, there’s a lot of junk in those 32 documents, but with some extra editing, I’ll have a few short stories to share soon.

It’s also taught me that I still compulsively edit as I’m writing. It’s a disease.

Oh right, the writing thing…

Remember how I was going to write every day for the next 30 days? How’s that going? you might ask.

Thanks for asking, you! Here’s how it’s going:

I started this project on November 3rd, and so far I have 10 documents in a Scrivener project, ranging anywhere from a thousand words to a single sentence, which puts me about a week behind; apparently dwelling on politics and traveling across time zones is hazardous to good habits.

But I’m back at it! I’ll plan to write until I’ve created at least 20 more pages in this project. So far I have a few paragraphs of random crap and a few scenes from what could be a short story. It’s progress, and the built-in escapism that comes along with writing is a happy bonus. I need all the escapism I can get right now!

A November Writing Challenge

No, I’m not doing NaNoWriMo or NaBloPoMo (is that still a thing?). I don’t have it in me to start another novel, and I spend 90% of my day blogging or thinking about blogging.

(The other 10% is devoted to wondering if The X-Files is coming back for an 11th season. I fit the kids and my husband in there somewhere, too.)

But I am in a writing rut, so I’m challenging myself to write something creative every day for the next month. No restrictions on length, subject, and absolutely 100% no editing.

I see other fic writers publishing new work constantly and I can’t help but envy their prolificness. More importantly, I feel out of practice when I’m not working on something, and my current work-in-progress has been stuck in an editing loop for months.  Perfection is the enemy of progress, and I am notorious for editing as I write. I’ve edited this sentence twice already. This 200-word blog post took an hour.

See? Hopeless.

It’s time for a blank screen. I started a Scrivener document to which I’ll add a new page each day, and see what comes of putting my fingers to the keyboard (or putting pen to page, for the old-fashioned) for 30 days. As with NaNoWriMo, I’m locking my internal editor in a box and stuffing that box on the back of the highest shelf of the most remote mind-closet I can find.

…right after I finish editing this post.