pardon, your rant is showing

*big sigh*  The whole broken foot thing was nice for the first couple days.  In the recent past I’d contemplated the idea of taking a day off just for the hell of it, and voila, a forced vacation!  Sweet, right?

Well, not really.

Cyspar not only made it to level 57, but she kept on going and reached level 58 over the weekend.  I have to say, though, that’s the most I’ve accomplished, outside of going back to work.

It is maddeningly frustrating to not just be able to hop off the couch and do something without making an ordeal of it, and even when I’m up, I’m limited as to what types of activities I can do.  Anything that involves carrying stuff is out, since both hands are usually grappling with the dreaded crutches.  Also, anything that requires standing for long periods of time is difficult… I can make it through a 10 minute shower before my right leg starts to cramp.  And stairs are only to be used in emergencies, which is great, because our bathroom at home is – you guessed it – upstairs.

True to his nature, the S.O. has been incredibly helpful, but I’m ultimately frustrated because I want to have freedom of movement again!  Also, not to have to wear a baggie over my stocking-ed foot when it rains, because I’m certain the high fashion gurus will back me up when I say Hannaford grocery bags are so not what they’re wearing in Paris these days.

My coworkers have taken to calling me “Hopalong,” which would be funny if it weren’t so true.  My 15 minute break involves crutching to the bathroom and back – down the loooong hallway, through two sets of (heavy!) fire doors, and into the tiny bathroom stall.  Thankfully the coworkers have also been great about getting lunch ready for me (yay for the 3-minute microwavable meal), or filling up my water bottle at the cooler, and they’ve managed to ask me only sixteen gajillion times “how on earth did you break your foot?”  I wish I could say I was bungee jumping in the Grand Canyon and the cord broke, while I managed to land on only one foot – the broken one – heroically saving a puppy in the process.  Unfortunately the real answer is, “I fell because I’m a klutz.”

And I do feel a bit silly about that, because only little old ladies “have a fall” and break things, right?  A few more weeks of this, though, and I’ll be shaking my crutches at strangers on the street and mumbling incoherantly to myself.  Just put me in Depends and call me Eleanor.

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a little clarification at table three, please.

Okay.  Stop the damn ride, I want off for a moment.

I may have, at one point or another, asked for something “exciting” to happen.  We all get bored with the daily grind once in a while, right?  Need something out of the ordinary to put a little spice in your life.

But when one asks for something exciting, one should perhaps be more clear about what “exciting” means to them.  Because apparently, to the powers that be, “exciting” means I will be spending the next three days planted firmly on my ass, and the next four weeks hobbling about on crutches.

So, yeah.  The S.O. and I weren’t ten minutes into a family gathering by the lake before I decided I just couldn’t take it anymore, and threw myself down a boat launch pad and broke my foot.  It’s only a small fracture, but tell that to my foot; one side turned purple and swelled up to the size of a golf ball.  Two hours in the Emergency Room, and they sent me home with a prescription for good drugs and a buddy splint.  I’m only hoping that work will understand, and allow me to work from home for a few days instead of forcing me to use what limited sick time I have.

Anyway!  In much better news, the accompanying illustration is a screenshot of Sheara standing before a really big, ugly dragon.  A really DEAD big, ugly dragon.  Wooohoo!  Prior to the foot-breakage, there was much dragon-slayage.  Sheara even picked up an 18-slot Onyxia Hide Bag.   And now that I’m stuck on the couch for a while, Cyspar will probably reach level 57 much faster than I’d originally anticipated.

I suppose there’s a silver lining to every dark cloud, no?

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QotD: Game On

What was the last game you played?

Hooboy, I dunno, this is a toughie.



Last night was our regular Wednesday Molten Core Lucifron/Magmadar/Gehennas/Garr run.  I picked up these beauties!  /flex   That’s my fourth piece in the Prophecy set.

I also leveled my warlock, Cyspar, to 56.  Her last few levels went fast because she is always well-rested (in game terms), so she gets twice the experience for killing mobs.  Rested experience is also referred to as, “that experience you get when you neglectfully leave your character to do nothing but drink pints with the Orgrimmar Innkeeper for months at a time because you’re too busy kissing the floor of Onyxia’s Lair with your main character.”  If she ever gets there, Cyspar will be my second level 60 toon, but that’s a big “if”.

Unfortunately our server is down for hardware maintenance until Friday afternoonish, so I’m taking a brief, forced vacation from WoW.

*steps warily into the light of day, squinting, eyes bloodshot, face pale, fingers cramped*  My god, it’s bright out here!

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i ! because i care.

The holiday weekend was pretty uneventful in my little corner of the world.  The S.O. worked overtime all weekend, the unfortunate consequence of being employed by a university retail store at the start of the fall semester.  So I stayed at home and tried to keep busy by cleaning, leveling my warlock, shaving my legs (because I know you all wanted the intimate details of my shower-time endeavors), and watching season 3 of Nip/Tuck on DVD.  Oh, Julian McMahon, you’re cute, but it’s so hard to have a crush on you when you have the same name as my younger brother.

So, school’s in!  I’m currently registered for two classes, one of which I’m 85% sure I’m going to drop.  I glanced at the syllabus and the reading materials and wasn’t intrigued, but that’s what I get for registering for a class based solely on the title.  Pop!Tech sounded interesting at first, but from what I’ve read so far the course will be neither Pop-y nor Tech-y, and gratuitous use of the exclamation point annoys me.

I’ve come to the conclusion, post-graduation, that New Media was not the right major for me… so why would I willingly subject myself to more New Media courses?  Old habits die hard.  I really wanted to give my brain a (light, fun) work-out this semester, but I don’t know if this class is the way to get back into the academic groove, or if participating will just lead to frustration on my part.  I’ll give it a week or two.

On the other hand, I think my sit-down class will be fun, primarily because the only reading I’ll have to do involves sheet music.  It’s been years since I’ve sung in a formal chorus.  Hopefully my voice isn’t too rusty!

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corruption of the innocent

I am not supposed to eat the frosted animal crackers sitting on my desk right now.  Why?  Because I made the mistake of looking at the nutrition information while I was noting future food consumption for the day over at

I figured, hey, they’re animal crackers!  With frosting!  Wholesome childhood good-ness covered with sugar and those hard little confetti candies that could cut diamonds!  How bad can they be?

Oh, I really didn’t want to know.  I really didn’t want to know, because even if I were to successfully ignore the small bag on my desk, there’s still a giant bag of them at home, purchased on one of those dreadful, “I’m hungry, let’s go grocery shopping!” trips.

Damn you, Keebler, and all your little elves.

On another subject, I’m curious and have a question.  What do you do at work when you have one of “those days”?  And by “those days” I mean, “I should be working, but I can’t bring myself to do anything constructive, so I’m just going to make myself look busy while I’m really ____________”.

Fill in the blank!  I’ll go first.

  • Browsing photography Web sites.  Right now I’m enjoying the works of Lovisa Ringborg and Janieta Eyre.
  • Browsing for new WoW mods.  Someday I’ll teach myself how to code my own.  Right now I’m stuck on Serenity and Tinypad.
  • Catching up on For Better or For Worse by Lynn Johnston.
  • Charting my course around campus on Gmaps Pedometer.
  • Cursing cookie-worshipping, height-disadvantaged peoples in my Vox blog.
  • If I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll hit the “Stumble!” button on my browser’s Stumbleupon extension.  You never know what you’re going to get, though.
  • If I’m in a really masochistic mood, I’ll see what’s happening on the official WoW forums.  In case of emergency, break glass, slit wrists – that kind of mood.

And finally…

  • Avoiding, at all costs, the bag of frosted animal crackers on my desk.


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