The X-Files, Season 11, Episode 2

Thank you. Thank you, Glen Morgan, thank you, thank you. Thank you.

Spoilers behind the cut.

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The X-Files, Season 11, Episode 1


They’re baaaaaaa-aaaack…

Oh hey, it’s that time again! The time where I watch The X-Files and rant about how Chris Carter shouldn’t have been allowed near the writer’s room again. Here we goooooooo…

Spoilers under the cut!

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On Loving The X-Files

Each year at our company meetup, we’re asked to give an up-to-four-minute-long “flash talk” about any subject. The fact that I hadn’t done one about The X-Files in my 5 years of meetups is either a crimeย or a miracle, depending onย who you ask.

But last September, I let my freaky Phile flag fly. Here’s the result: