QotD: Repeat After Me…

How have people mispronounced your name?  How is it supposed to sound?
Submitted by Lorie.

My name is spelled Caroline, but as a child, I was known as Carolyn.  I’m not sure why my parents chose one spelling and then used another pronunciation in practice… maybe because they knew it would confuse every single one of my grade school teachers, causing me immeasurable trauma when said teachers demanded to know what my name was – Caroline or Carolyn?  Apparently “both” wasn’t the appropriate answer.

I kid, I kid.  I do answer to both, but I think of myself as a ‘lyn, not a ‘line.  I’ve considered having it legally changed so that the spelling reflects the pronunciation, but it honestly doesn’t bother me that much (at least, not as much as it bothered my grade school teachers).

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QotD: Middle Name

What’s your middle name?  Is there a story or history behind it?

Urk.  To most people and the legal system, I’m “Caroline E. Moore” or better yet, just “Caroline Moore.”  Leave out the middle name entirely, if you please.

My middle name is actually Eleanor.  Nah, I’m not too fond of it.  I was named after my grandmother on my father’s side, one of many extended family members with whom I don’t have a particularly involved or caring relationship.  The woman basically has no respect for anyone who isn’t perfect, and hey, that’s so not me!  Too bad.

I’ve actually considered having my middle name legally changed to Elizabeth, which happens to be both my mother’s name and her mother’s name.  I have very positive relationships with them, and I figure if I have to be named after a relative, it should at least be a relative I like.

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QotD: Game On

What was the last game you played?

Hooboy, I dunno, this is a toughie.



Last night was our regular Wednesday Molten Core Lucifron/Magmadar/Gehennas/Garr run.  I picked up these beauties!  /flex   That’s my fourth piece in the Prophecy set.

I also leveled my warlock, Cyspar, to 56.  Her last few levels went fast because she is always well-rested (in game terms), so she gets twice the experience for killing mobs.  Rested experience is also referred to as, “that experience you get when you neglectfully leave your character to do nothing but drink pints with the Orgrimmar Innkeeper for months at a time because you’re too busy kissing the floor of Onyxia’s Lair with your main character.”  If she ever gets there, Cyspar will be my second level 60 toon, but that’s a big “if”.

Unfortunately our server is down for hardware maintenance until Friday afternoonish, so I’m taking a brief, forced vacation from WoW.

*steps warily into the light of day, squinting, eyes bloodshot, face pale, fingers cramped*  My god, it’s bright out here!

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QotD: Can’t Get You Out of My Head

What song or lyrics are stuck in your head at the moment?  What album is it from?
Submitted by Lox Ly

Currently it’s either Passing Afternoon from the Iron & Wine album of the same name, or Catch my Diseaseby Ben Lee, that incredibly catchy (hyuk) song from the Dell commercials.


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