sprouts on nightline!

OK, so it was only a half-second flash, but if you watched yesterday’s Nightline broadcast about online humor you might have glimpsed my “sprouts” photo flying by amidst some other featured Etsy/Regretsy folks.

the ones who were lost

her trusty steed

My friend Sarah gave me the old rocking horse, which was gathering dust in my guest bedroom until Sunday’s shoot. When I met up with this model for the first time, I knew she’d be perfect for this. Her long, dark hair totally inspired me. It’s amazing I’ve been able to find anyone to model for me at all, when I’m known for saying things like “You have awesome creepy-photo-shoot hair!” over coffee. During our first meeting. Because, you know, social skills really aren’t one of my strong points, apparently.

Thankfully, the lovely woman who modeled for this shoot was so easy to work with and practically knew what I wanted before I had a chance to voice my thoughts–always a good sign. She’s a natural.

cradle me

It’s been a while since I’ve thought about working in black and white, but the stark contrasts in this series made it a perfect fit. Huge thanks to my new model friend for braving the humidity and the creepy toy overload. I’ll be posting more in the upcoming days, both here and at Flickr!

cradle me