4 thoughts on “Be still, my heart!

  1. Hi. I didn’t realize that you were the same person who created my blog’s theme. 😉 I’ve visited this site a couple of times in the past. I enjoy your X-Files posters and “guessing” what episodes they represent based on the key objects you feature (before checking out the title on the lower right frame). I am an X-Files fan, and yeah, that kind of fan who fervently wished for Mulder and Scully to get together. 😉 Seasons 4-7 were the height of my *fan-ship*. After which, Duchovny’s appearances started to dwindle, and so did my viewing. Still, I look forward to this great news! I wonder if there’ll be a resurgence in X-Files books and paraphernalia. I lack the first 3 official guides and I intend to complete them. And I want an FBI shirt.

    • Hi Aggie! Welcome! I am definitely a ‘shipper, too. I got into the show at the beginning of season 5, season 6 was my heyday, and it kinda went downhill after season 7. 🙂

      I used to have all the official guides and the action figures, but gave them away during college (silly me!) Now I collect fan art and t-shirts and the comics. Have you read the Season 10 series? It’s pretty good!

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